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Shion stands a bit dazed, unaware of recent happenings within Hinamizawa.

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It's been a while, Shion-san.

Yeah, it has, hasn’t it?
I’ve been really busy with work, lately.

Wait, are you still pretending to be one of those penguin things?

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Francesanon: ...Hi Mion!

Is anyone around?


Just as Rika was about to get a kettle to make tea, she heard a knock at the door, followed by a familiar voice. “Could that be Mii-chan, nano desu?” Rika started walking towards the door. “Yes! I’m coming!” She opened the door and gave Shion a warm smile. “Mii~ how are you today Shii-chan?”


Could she have come here to check up on Satoko? Or maybe she saw Beatrice come in the house with me. This has never happened to Rika in the previous worlds so there’s no way she could know the outcome of this. Hanyuu would be able to warn me if something were to happen… where is she anyways?

“Can I help you with anything? Oh and, if you’re looking for Satoko she isn’t here, nano desu. I think I saw her racing with Mii-chan and i’m pretty sure they were heading over to your house. Mii~ she should be back soon!”

"Oh, yes. I just got somewhat curious… Why do you have a stranger with you? Is she a friend of yours, or is there some festival I wasn’t aware of?"
Shion was rather concerned that Rika was allowing a complete stranger into her house.

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Is anyone around?



Beatrice is confused the moment that Rika grabs her hand and begins to run. When at last they had stopped for a moment Beatrice takes the time to answer Rika’s question. “I would very much like something else to wear. This dress may prove to be a bother while I’m here in this village, so if you can provide another set of clothes that would be preferable to wearing this dress.” Although she can always change her clothes to her alternate outfit, she figures it is best to wear something that’s more recognizable. She wants to blend in and not attract too much attention to herself. 

“Why did you bring me here in such a rush?” As much as Beatrice wants to be mature about things she can’t help but have a childlike curiosity about the girl’s sudden cause for alarm. She hasn’t used her magic since coming here, so that isn’t a problem. Hm, could it be that her dress poses as a reflection of her status? It is true that she stands out simply by wearing it. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that Rika was alarmed.

“Mii~ Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to alarm you. I ran because I saw two of my friends heading straight towards us at full speed, nano desu. They were probably racing. Even though it may not sound that bad, we take our games very seriously, nipah~! So I wouldn’t want to stop them, nano desu.” 

She was surprised that Beatrice was okay with wearing something else, after all, it was an amazing dress. “Oh and about the dress… in a village like this it would be likely for you to get your dress dirty and we wouldn’t want that, nano desu! I’m sure I have something for you to wear.” Rika noticed that she was still holding on to the basket full of berries. “I’ll just go put the berries away and then I’ll go find something for you to wear, okay? Nipah~ Stay here, nano desu.” Rika turned around and started walking to her room. 

Shion rides into Hinamizawa, expecting to find Satoshi or Mion roaming around. However, after spending about half an hour looking, she decides that they must be off playing in the forest or something. Silly. They act like kids all the time, don’t they. Hahaha.
Suddenly, she sees Rika running towards the steps to the shrine, followed by what appears to be woman in an elegant western dress. It strikes her as odd, so she decides to go and inquire as to what the occasion is.

Up the stairs, and to Rika and Satoko’s home.

Shion knocks at the door.
"Rika, are you in there?"
Perhaps there’s an event soon, something she missed hearing about while she had been in Okinomiya. 

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